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Holistic Embodiment Coach
:: Amalia Lages ::

Amalia works with purpose seeking individuals who struggle with anxiety or are feeling stuck and are in need of guidance on their personal wellness or entrepreneurial journeys. Her commitment is to help clients reconnect with their essence and eliminate fears that might be limiting their potential so they can begin to live a more wholesome life.

FlowwFrequency Coaching will help you to :

:: eliminate fears connected to conditioned thinking patterns or limiting beliefs ::

:: release stagnation from the physical and emotional body through somatic release (in breathwork / movement sessions) ::

:: integrate new information and practices to elevate your awareness in daily life ::

:: learn more about the gut-brain connection, the energetics of food, and how food can impact brain function ::

:: maintain a healthy mind-body connection to overcome future obstacles without falling back into old patterns ::

In a program with Amalia, you will  ::  1  establish a deeper sense of connection with your whole self (mind, body and spirit), others, and the earth that sustains you.  ::  2  connect with your truth, your inspiration and let it bring you closer to becoming your highest self.  ::  3  create a vision for yourself from a place of clarity.  ::  4  encounter your creative flow and let it be the force that drives you closer to attaining that vision. 

When finishing a program, not only will you be ready to create tour life by design but, you will know how to navigate through your inner world to find answers within whenever you need to. :: Through embodiment, higher learning and soul commitment you will become your own guide, your own healer, your greatest teacher ::

To inquire or learn more about FlowwFrequency Coaching and Programs please book a free discovery session below ::

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“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift. —Albert Einstein”



Please don't hesitate to contact me with inquiries about FlowwFrequency Coaching and Embodiment services or to schedule a free Discovery Session.

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